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Alternative Offers Animation
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We joined forces with our local university once more for a motion graphics animation all about the alternative offers it can provide for prospective students!

Located in the heart of the city itself, the University of Wolverhampton is one of the largest universities in the West Midlands, boasting (at the time of writing) four Faculties offering courses in over 70 different subjects.

One such Faculty based at the University is the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing – containing institutes such as the Institute of Education and the Institute of Health.

As part of its services, the Faculty provides ‘Alternative Offers’ to prospective students – an offer of a place on another degree course if they are initially unsuccessful in gaining a place on their preferred course.

Our Video

To help the team at the Faculty explain the ‘Alternative Offers’ concept and its benefits to prospective students, we created a motion graphics animation for them on this very thing!

For this brief, we passed the project onto our animation team who took care of every stage of the process!

Our team created storyboards and character creation sheets to show to our client, before then moving onto the creation of motion graphics upon approval.

As you can see in our animation above, our effort takes time to explain what the ‘Alternative Offers’ scheme is, how the Faculty makes sure that the offer is relevant to the applicant, and the benefits of it – such as opening up potential career paths that may have not been thought of by the applicant previously.

Topped and tailed with background music and a professional voice-over, we think that our animation was just what the Faculty were looking for to promote this particular service!

For more on the Faculty’s ‘Alternative Offers’ scheme, visit here.

Enjoyed our motion graphics animation, and think one of your own would be a good way to highlight and promote a service your organisation can offer?

If so, we’re sure that we can help!

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