WMCU Typography Video

Typography Video
West Midlands Combined Universities
Our Brief

We marked the creation of a joint enterprise between three Midlands based universities with a typography video introducing the initiative!

The WMCU (West Midlands Combined Universities) project is an initiative designed to provide a combined approach to developing the region’s economy. It has been launched by the University of Wolverhampton, Conventry University and Birmingham City University (BCU) as part of the wider WMCA (West Midlands Combined Authority) group.

It aims to create over 500,000 jobs in the region by 2030, and assist in a targeted rate of growth to match that of London’s economy.

We were approached by the University of Wolverhampton regarding the creation of a video which would help to accompany the unveiling of the WMCU scheme.

Our Video

To do this, we decided that a typography video was the right way to go – put simply, a video which utilises text to highlight information, details, and benefits, about its subject matter.

Our video – which you can see above – certainly did that, as we shone the spotlight on information about the West Midlands region, the relevant universities involved in the scheme, and the sectors the scheme aims to assist.

This typography is complemented by photo stills, animations, and video clips of the three universities, to make our video a visually stimulating – yet informative too – creation.

For more on the WMCU initiative, visit the website at: www.wmcu.ac.uk

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