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Typography Video

We joined forces with our local football team to create a typography video designed to inform their fans about the club’s new owners!

As every football fan reading this will know, the game has become a global phenomenon in recent years, with British football in particular proving to be a big hit in the Far East.

Following on from the widespread involvement of foreign players and managers into our national sport has come foreign ownership, with businesses and individuals across the world eager to invest into the club of their choosing.

One such example of this foreign investment can be seen with the club local to us – Wolverhampton Wanderers FC – who in 2016 were taken over by the Shanghai-based conglomerate Fosun International Group.

Founded in 1992 by five university graduates, the Fosun Group is now an investment company with a presence across the world.

To mark this notable and exciting development in the club’s history, they approached us with a simple yet important brief – to create a video for them introducing the Fosun consortium to the club’s fans and the wider media.

To fulfil this brief we produced a typography video for the club, packed full of information about Fosun, displayed under four main headings:

  • Who are the Fosun Group?
  • Where are they based?
  • Financial Headlines
  • Fosun (containing a quote from the ownership)

Alongside the text, our video – which you can see above – also contained graphics and a CTA (“call to action”) at its conclusion.

Our typography video proves that a video production can be interesting and visually stimulating even if crammed full of information, and we’d like to thank Wolves for giving us the chance to show this to the world!

For more on the Fosun Group, visit their website: http://www.fosun.com/language/en/

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