Beeswift New Headquarters Promo Video

Beeswift New Headquarters Promo Video
Our Brief

To show that Beeswift are upgrading premises and display the impressive new spaces to show the size and scale of the organisation to help build trust with customers and potential recruits.

Beeswift New Headquarters Promo Video

To meet the requirements of Beeswift and make a promo video, we filmed once a month over a 6 month period, between June and December, to document growth of their headquarters.

Each of these shoots involved filming the office spaces, racking, the sprinkler system and each stage of the warehouses being prepared to work in.

An important element to include in the promo video was the branding being implemented into the building. We included overlays of text to title the points that were being illustrated through video.

Utilising the drone, the area in which the Beeswift headquarters was displayed. There is a new road network around the premises and it is in very close proximity to Junction 6 of the M6; ideal as a distribution network and something Beeswift were understandably keen to show off!

Part of the package that Beeswift required involved social media edits of each stage of the renovations every month.

We were able to meet all of the required elements while working within Beeswift’s Brand Guidelines and ended up with a final promo video that both us and the customer were very happy with.

Video Vending Machine, Sarah, said on the project,

What I really liked about being involved in the Beeswift promo video project was that we were able to see the progression with each visit and capturing those specific shots that highlighted the site’s development. Using both the drone and ground footage we were able to create a series of videos that showed the development every couple of months in a diverse manner. Then, the final video had more of a fly-through feel which allowed the viewer to see the finished site as well as referencing how it looked when they bought the building.

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