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Birmingham Timelapse Video

Our latest project with the Bromford Group saw us creating a timelapse video which showed the construction of a housing block brick by brick.

Millward Place, in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham, is Bromford’s very first “MyPlace” scheme – fourteen apartments specifically designed for people living with disabilities.

The apartments have been specifically designed to give people with long-term needs the chance to take control of their life and to live independently.

Alongside the individual apartments, the site also boasts a community hub, complete with a lounge, meeting room, and kitchen – providing a social area for customers, their friends, and family to enjoy.

Our timelapse video, which you can see above, takes the viewer from January through to July whilst filming the construction of the complex from start to finish.

To do this, we put a specialist camera on the top of some scaffolding, and set it to take a photograph of the construction site every five minutes.

That’s twelve photos in an hour, and 288 in a single day. By the time the project was completed, our camera had taken over 50,000 photographs.

Due to its nature, this project did require some patience. It was worth the wait, however, as we were delighted with the results and felt that the video captured the construction of the site really well.

Below are some of the photos of our camera which we took on our visits to the site.

For more on the Bromford Group, in particular their “MyPlace” scheme, visit this site here.

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