Academic Research Videos

'Open Your Mind' Campaign
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We were asked to create a series of academic research videos highlighting a number of a university’s key staff and their endeavours!

Our client for this project was the University of Wolverhampton - one of the largest providers of higher education in the West Midlands region and home to a number of nationally renowned academics.

For this project we were asked by the team at the University to produce a series of videos concerning its ‘Open Your Mind’ campaign - an effort to showcase the institution’s “extraordinary world of research” which is paving the way for advances in areas such as sport, science, and gender equality.

Our Video

To fulfil this brief, we created a number of videos featuring a selection of the University’s academics, with three of these videos available to watch above/below.

As you can see in our videos, the academics provide viewers with an insight into their particular areas of research, how the University’s facilities enable them to carry out their endeavours, and why research is so important for the benefit of society as a whole.

As this series was to promote a campaign it was really important for our videos to be as engaging as possible.

To achieve this goal, we interspersed the thoughts of the academics with upbeat background music and cutaway footage of both the University’s campus and its students’ endeavours in action.

We feel our end result was the perfect way to provide the viewer with an unique insight into the academic research undertaken at the University and of its ‘Open Your Mind’ campaign!

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