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PECS Promotional Video

Aspire Sports approached us to create a promotional video production on the PE curriculum support (PECS) that it provides schools with!


We were commissioned by Aspire Sports to develop a short promotional video which highlighted all of the positive work that it does for schools and young children.

Providing key services to primary schools in the Midlands since 2005, Aspire Sports delivers specifically designed physical education programmes for both pupils and staff.

Aspire Sports wanted this promotional video to highlight key elements of its PE programmes in schools – such as personalised curricula, 1:1 pupil mentoring, and increased teacher confidence.


To tackle the brief, we spent a day at All Saints CE Primary School in West Bromwich, where the team at Aspire Sports provided tailored and personalised programmes to suit the school’s needs.

Having spent time at the school, it’s clear to see that the PECS programme is fantastic for everybody involved – something we really wanted to make clear.

In our video, we spoke to teachers at the school who were all incredibly positive about the programme – and we’re sure you can all see why!

Using revolving circles around the most important parts of the frame, we were able to highlight the key PECS services that Aspire provide – such as planning, mentoring and of course, implementation!

In the editing process we also added typography so that focus was kept on the subject of the captions.

We’d like to thanks All Saints CE Primary School for allowing us to film on their premises and Aspire Sports for being so accommodating for the duration of this project.

For more information on the great work Aspire Sports do in schools, please click here.


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