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Our Brief

For many parents, trying to keep the kids entertained for the duration of a school holiday is an all too familiar challenge.

Thankfully, the team at Aspire Sports are on hand with a solution.

They’ve created a series of “Active Camps”, designed for children aged from 4-14, which are open during every school holiday at a number of venues across the West Midlands.

In 2014, Aspire’s Active Camps provided childcare for 2,338 families, making them the most popular Ofsted registered provider of sports and activity focused childcare in the region.

That’s something worth shouting about, so Aspire got in touch with us asking if we could help them out with some video marketing.

Our Video

We were happy to help, so we set about creating a video for them which focused on two key objectives:

• What a day at one of the camps is like

• Why they’re the right places for parents to send their child to

For the first objective, we decided that using a GoPro camera was the way forward.

We shot every scene first person, at a child’s height, using a head camera and a chest mount to show just some of the activities available at the camps and how much fun it is to take part in them.

We interspersed this footage with on screen text, which highlighted the qualities of the camps and why they are the perfect place for a child to visit every holiday time.

Our video – which you can see above – is only two minutes long, but we feel that its brevity helps to emphasis the energetic and fast paced nature of the camps.

This was a fantastic project to work on, and has become one of our favourites. Every time we watch the video we’re reminded of our own childhoods – even if they’re in the distant past now!

For more on Aspire Sports, visit their website at http://www.aspire-sports.co.uk/

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