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Bikeability Video Promotion
Aspire Sports
Our Brief

We teamed up with a sports and physical activity provider for a video promotion all about its cycling training programme!

Based in Birmingham, Aspire Sports is an organisation that offers sport coaching, mentoring, and teaching programmes for schools and early years childcare providers, as well as Ofsted-registered active holiday camps for children.

With a focus on changing participation trends and attitudes towards physical activity, Aspire Sports provides high-quality services which improve physical literacy, health, well-being, and academic achievement for young people across the West Midlands region.

One such service offered by the organisation is its “Bikeability” cycling training programme.

Our Video

The programmes develops students’ skills in a fun yet safe environment while promoting cycling as part of a healthy, active lifestyle, and we were delighted to be contacted by the team at Aspire regarding the creation of a video promotion for it.

To tackle this brief, we first conducted a day of filming with the team at Aspire and a number of young people tackling the mean streets on their bikes!

After filming was complete, our editing team began to work their magic – crafting slow-mo footage and including a music track to create the one minute video which you can watch above.

After showcasing the children first riding on a playground, and then on the roads (under supervision), our video concludes with a “call to action” and the organisation’s logo.

For more information on the “Bikeability” programme from Aspire Sports, visit its website.

Like our video promotion, and think your organisation could do with one of its own to promote a scheme it is running and to make it stand out from the crowd?

If so, we are absolutely certain that we can help!

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