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Our Brief

We joined forces with one of the UK’s leading machinery and services providers for a site video all about a depot in Essex!

Briggs Equipment UK is one of the largest suppliers of materials handling equipment in the country, and is proud to work with thousands of companies across the nation to assist them in making their businesses work.

One such company Briggs works with is Marston’s - the British brewery celebrated as being (at the time of writing) the world's largest brewer of cask ale.

When Marston’s had to move into a new depot to cope with increasing demand, its team turned to Briggs for assistance - and we were on hand to capture their good work at the site!

Our Video

For this project, our video production team hit the road and headed to Marston’s new depot in Thurrock, Essex - one of 12 in the country owned by the brewers.

The aim of our video for this project was to highlight the work Briggs had put in at the depot as part of its partnership with Marston’s.

As you can see in our effort above, this work wasn’t just limited to supplying the company with 20 pieces of state-of-the-art equipment.

Instead, Briggs also assisted Marston’s in the installation of racking, charging stations, and column protectors at the site, and continue to provide specialist safety training to all new employees based there.

Our video aimed to show how this work increased Marston’s productivity and helped the company optimise the space at the site as efficiently as possible - and we like to think it did just that!

Our thanks to Briggs for working with us on this project, and to the Marston’s team based at Thurrock for their cooperation!

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