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Our Brief

To promote the printing services that Briggs offers.

Briggs is largely known for its equipment services, as the exclusive national distributor in the UK for the Hyster and Yale ranges of forklift trucks and other materials handling equipment.

It offers a number of services, one of which is printing. It is one of the lesser known services, so Briggs wanted to promote and bring attention to what they offer in this area.

Our Video

The problem that Briggs was having was a lack of awareness about its printing services.

The cause of this was a combination of factors. Briggs is better renowned for its building equipment and vehicles, so other services take a backseat (Get it? Vehicles, backseat?). There has not been as much investment in the marketing of the printing services, so to raise awareness they wanted to create a video.

The impact of this lack of awareness can be a simple matter of lack of business! Printing equipment doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important to get use out of it!

The opportunity lost in this instance is being able to approach organisations about becoming their print suppliers. With a huge network of clients across the manufacturing and construction industries, Briggs has the opportunity to offer printing to all of these organisations.

To tackle this problem, we filmed at Briggs’ base in Cannock over a day to capture their printing equipment. Things to consider for the job were including the range of objects and materials they are able to print on.

We made sure to include their different printing equipment and the work that they have done previously, down to the frosted glass printing in their offices.

Tom from Stone’s Throw Media said:

“It was great to work on this project, especially as we were commissioned to film this project off the back of another successful video we made for a different company. This project was all about the edit. We filmed a lot of the machines and processes with the idea that we would be using a lot of quick shots from different angles and focal lengths alongside an upbeat music track, to create a fast pacy edit.”

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