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Earth Mover Case Study
Our Brief

We teamed up with Trelleborg to help them with a business promo video all about one of their particular tyres.

The aim was to help potential customers to see how their Earthmover Tyres can truly help their organisation.

It was important to get across the product advantages, driver benefits and benefits for the site.

It’s all well and good hearing the organisation say that the tyres are good but they’re somewhat biased, right?

Our Video

The solution was to show the tyres in action at a customers base and hear from them directly. This way, we were able to build up more trust. After some careful video planning, we headed down to the motorway from the West Midlands down to St Austell in sunny* Cornwall to shoot the business promo video.

After a lovely overnight stay and breakfast to kick the day off, we captured a variety of video footage for our business promo video. This included aerial video shots, in cab shots, stunning film from the ground and an interview with one of the drivers.

It was then edited to a high energy music track for Trelleborg to use as part of their promotional campaign to potential customers.

Our customer, Jon, had this to say on working with Stone’s Throw Media:

“The process was really good, very helpful and pleased with the results.”

This was possibly one of the nicest things I’ve heard from a Bristol Rovers supporter**

Tom, our head of video production has this to say:

“It was very muddy, but we were prepared. We had boots, high vis jackets and all of the right video kit (as you’d expect). We also had plenty of space in which to fly the drone allowing us to get some really cinematic shots. Overall we are really pleased with how the video looks and it was brilliant to team up with Trelleborg on this project.”

*it’s all lies I tell you, it was nothing but rain!

** I (Matt) follow Torquay United and we have a good friendly rivalry with Bristol Rovers!

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