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Demo Video
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Our Brief

Carvers were looking for a set of cooking demo videos that reintroduced a product to their target audience.

Carvers is a stalwart brand of Wolverhampton, with over 200 staff and over 125 years of history.

The product they wanted to reintroduce was the Lofra cooking range; bringing in the Great British Bake Off 2021 winner Giuseppe Dell'Anno to demonstrate the range in action!

Lofra Cookers was founded in 1956 in near Padua, Italy by the Lovato Brothers who, in the post war period began their activity producing cauldrons with materials coming from the remnants of world war 2.

Demo Video

Product demonstration videos, or demo videos, are an essential tool for the modern marketer because they provide potential customers with a detailed look at how a product works, its features and benefits, and how it can solve their problems.

Carvers and Lofra had agreed to hold a competition on social media, with the prize being a Lofra oven.

We captured a demo video of Giuseppe using a Lofra cooker to show the quality of food that can be made using their product.

In amongst all of the cooking demonstrations, Giuseppe was interviewed about what Lofra appliances and cooking mean to him.

This was intended to create a sense of emotion for the viewer and build nostalgia for Lofra products, meaning that the viewer will begin to associate nice family meals with Lofra ovens!

We filmed several videos for social media of Giuseppe promoting the competition.

Mike, who led the project, said:

We were excited to be working with the 2021 winner of the Bake off, Giuseppi. The highlight of the day was we got to eat some mini lemon biscuits made by a bake off winner, I even got to sneak one home to my wife, as she would never forgive me if I didn’t bring one back. It was great working with Giuseppe to make the demo videos, he couldn’t have been any nicer and a true professional.


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