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Video Case Studies

We joined forces with a national charity for a pair of video case studies regarding the sensitive issue of childhood leukaemia.

Leukaemia CARE, based in Worcester, is an organisation which specialises in supporting anyone affected by blood cancer – whether it be the patient themselves or their immediate family and friends.

This emphasis on supporting a patient’s immediate family is particularly important in the case of childhood leukaemia – an illness described as being the most commonly diagnosed cancer in children.

Talking about childhood leukaemia can be difficult, which is why Leukaemia CARE approached us to help them with a project on the subject.

Video Case Studies

They asked us to create some video case studies for them revolving around young people diagnosed with forms of leukaemia, and the impact that diagnosis had on the individual and, in particular, their parents.

To do this, we travelled down to Epping in Essex, to meet Hugo and his mum Lisa, and to Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, where we met Jenson and his mum Sophie.

In our videos – which you can see below – Lisa and Sophie talk about the symptoms their respective children displayed before their diagnosis, and how their lives have been effected ever since.

We also created a third video for this project, which you can see above. In this effort we combined the two video case studies and included some relevant statistics about childhood leukaemia and its commonly found symptoms.

We’d like to thank everyone involved with this project for their time and effort – it was our privilege to work on it.

For more information about the fantastic service Leukaemia CARE provide, visit their website at:

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