Chase Grammar Promo Video

Promo Video
Chase Grammar School
Our Brief

Chase Grammar School was looking for a video to show off the school to potential students and their parents.

They also wanted to reassure existing students from senior and prep schools that continuing their studies would be extremely beneficial and they would be supported throughout with a range of opportunities.

During their time at Chase Grammar School, the school’s goal is to provide students, from nursery through to A-Levels, with opportunities to further their personal development as well as education. They are able to promote this personal development alongside academic success by stimulating an individualised curriculum design.

They also collaborate extensively with parents, holding half-termly listening mornings, regular parents evenings, international parents’ evenings and numerous other annual social events.

Due to the fact that parents will be participating in their child’s education and working together, these promo videos were necessary to present a great front to them, alongside the students.

Promo Video

We were tasked with filming 6 videos, each around 2 minutes long.

Dividing each promo video into three distinct outputs: senior, prep and boarding schools, meant that we were able to highlight the specific features of each area that Chase Grammar School wanted to promote, in much greater depth, as well as having a social version of each.

These videos were kept, as it goes, short and sweet, while still providing the necessary information.

Due to the fact that Chase Grammar School is also a boarding school, people from all over the world could attend. Those living further away might have wanted to get an idea prior to visiting, of what it looks like along with some of the facilities and general information.

These promo videos were a great way to do that, ensuring that they painted as much of an honest and accurate picture of the school as possible.

There were specific shots and areas that Chase Grammar School wanted to show, for instance, their smaller class sizes, to highlight the extra attention that students received from experienced teachers in comparison to traditional schools.

These promo videos were also about showing the general contrasts between Chase Grammar School and other traditional schools and how they have a more beneficial and unique approach to education.

Because it is a smaller school, it’s more individualised, meaning that attention and focus are evenly distributed among each student. There are a variety of one-of-a-kind facilities and specialised teachers available.

All of this is briefly discussed and explained in these promotional videos, not always in extensive detail… but that is what promo videos are supposed to do, promote something, hit that initial engagement and spark an interest.

They have to contain all the best bits and that’s what we helped with! Having a good eye for what will really make a promo video pop and hit Chase Grammar Schools’ desired target areas was very important.

In these promo videos, sponsors and other businesses that have generously supported Chase Grammar School were also discussed. Take, for instance, the annual musical or drama production that takes place at The Prince of Wales Theatre in Cannock. in addition to the extensive selection of sporting and extracurricular activities offered by the Chase Leisure Centre and the University of Wolverhampton.

We also displayed a wide range of facilities, including computer rooms, science labs, general teaching rooms, and music practice rooms. They've got everything!

Naturally, there are a few important things that our team needs to keep in mind when filming in a school like this one.

For instance, obtaining the children’s consent to be filmed through their parents, ensuring that they are pleased to participate in the project, making sure the DBS checks are all up to date and keeping certain rooms from being filmed etc. There is always the chance of things going wrong, especially when quite a few people are being filmed and some of those shots will be outside, weather depending.

Therefore, It is always essential to be ready for delays and changes on the day, particularly given that we have not yet mastered a method of weather control-we are working on it!

The customer will typically have resolved all of this internally and will simply inform the video team of what they need to avoid and be mindful of.

Tom, who worked on this project, said:

“It was good to work on this project, we filmed lots of b-roll around the school to capture a flavour of what the school looked like. We then recorded students reading the voiceover to overlay over the top to make it feel less corporate.”

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