Brand Videos

Brand Videos
Compton Care
Our Brief

We assisted a charity with the unveiling and promotion of its new identity to an external audience with a series of brand videos!

For this project we joined forces with the team at Compton Care as the charity transitioned away from being called Compton Hospice - its name since 1982.

Our Video

To help the team at Compton showcase its new guise to the wider world, we collaborated with them on a series of videos highlighting its good work!

For this project, we created five videos for the charity - three of which you can watch above/below.

Our videos place an emphasis on the good work Compton Care provides - not only for those with an illness but for their family and loved ones too - in an emotive and tactful manner.

These videos are short in length and to the point - making them the perfect promotional materials the charity could utilise on its social media platforms around the time of its new identity’s launch.

Our thanks to the team at Compton Care for working with us on this project - it’s been fantastic to see the charity’s new identity being fully embraced by the local community!

Do you think that your organisation needs a series of brand videos to promote a new visual identity or ethos?

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