Christmas Charity Video Production


Compton Hospice


Light Up A Life 2017

We teamed up with a West Midlands based hospice for a charity video production showcasing an event it holds every Christmas!


Compton Hospice is a Wolverhampton based organisation which has been supporting patients facing a life-limiting illness, and their families, for over 35 years.

Over the years the hospice has continually reinvented itself to serve the needs of a growing community, and now hosts a number of fundraising events to support the provision of its ever widening services.

One such event is called “Light Up a Life” – an event which takes place each year in December to bring friends and family members together to remember their loved ones.

We were approached by the team at Compton Hospice with a simple request – could we create a video for the organisation showcasing the event’s 2017 instalment?


To tackle this brief, our filming team travelled to the Hospice to capture some footage of the event for the two minute video which you can watch above.

In our video we hear from a number of attendees at the event as they tell us who they were lighting a light for, and their recollections of the person.

Alongside these contributions our video contains cutaway shots of the special event. The video was designed to show how the event was a happy, reflective one rather than a sad occasion, and concludes with a shot of the ‘Tree of Light’ which stands proudly in the Hospice grounds.

For more on Compton Hospice and its services, visit the website.


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