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Doug's Story
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We joined forces with a local hospice for a charity video all about one man re-discovering his passion in life!

Officially opened by the Duchess of Kent in November 1982, Compton Hospice is a Wolverhampton based organisation which has been supporting patients facing a life-limiting illness, and their families, for over 35 years.

The hospice runs a day care centre called The Woods Therapy Centre – a place where patients can meet and engage with others with similar experiences and help them to maintain their sense of independence and quality of life.

One such patient is Doug, who has been attending the centre since 2009. When Compton Hospice asked us if we could create a charity video for their 2017 Christmas campaign all about Doug and his story we were more than happy to help!

Doug's Story

Our video centred on Doug’s engagement with the centre, and how it was a nurse from the hospice who encouraged him to re-discover his passion for art by attending an Arts and Crafts session there.

You can find out about Doug’s story by watching our video above. At over two and a half minutes this video is just the right length to give his story justice, and contains emotive music and some shots of Doug’s very own fantastic artwork!

Our video received a fantastic reception online – being viewed over 3,000 times since uploaded to the Hospice’s Facebook page.

Like our charity video, and think your organisation could do with one of its own to tell somebody’s story?

If so, we are absolutely certain that we can help!

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