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35th Anniversary Video

We teamed up with Wolverhampton’s Compton Hospice in 2017 for a charity video production commemorating a significant milestone in its proud history!


Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the team at Compton Hospice (now known as Compton Care) approached us to produce a commemorative video which documented real life stories from patients’ families.

Compton Hospice was founded in 1972 and is a UK leader in delivering accessible and innovative palliative care to those who suffer from a variety of complex and incurable conditions. Since its formation, it has cared for more than 35,000 patients and their families.

On call for round-the-clock patient care, therapy, family support and personalised treatments, the work that Compton Hospice provides is invaluable to so many people and it was important that this came across in our video.


The team at Compton Hospice go above and beyond with their care packages, so we wanted to speak to the families of patients who have felt the work of the hospice first hand.

Due to the nature of the subject, it was only right that we approached the charity video production in a sensitive manner – we wanted to convey how Compton Hospice are on hand to make their patients’ final days as comfortable as possible, while also touching on the key services offered to their families including bereavement support.

In the video, we conducted short interviews with families who all wanted to thank the team at Compton for their care – with some of whom admitting that they didn’t realise how above and beyond they would go.

Towards the end of the video, families are also seen discussing the positive work of the hospice with each other.

For more information on the brilliant work that Compton Hospice do, please visit its website here.


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