City of Wolverhampton College Promotional Video

Promotional Video
City of Wolverhampton College
Our Brief

The City of Wolverhampton College wanted to produce a new promotional video. The aim was to produce a new college promotional video. They wanted something similar to the previous 'Do More' campaign, but with a new strapline; 'Define your Future'.

The City of Wolverhampton College lists its purpose as ‘Defining Futures’, to ensure that students move into positive destinations which are either continuing their education or moving into employment.

As such, the College wanted a promotional video to advertise themselves to potential students.

Our Video

The promotional video would be designed to show off the many opportunities available at the College, with the courses that we would focus on being automotive, construction, Health & Social studies and hairdressing.

Without a promotional video to advertise these opportunities, there’s a far smaller chance that potential students would see what the courses were all about and that the college would drum up interest.

The impact of people not finding out about the courses and opportunities at the College is that they are then unable to follow their purpose of defining futures and guiding students through to the next stage of their life and career.

The College’s approach to the campaign was to utilise social media, TV, YouTube and more, so part of the project was including different social media edits, suitable to different platforms, of which there were 28 in total.

We filmed four different students who were on the different courses that the College wanted to focus on, across the different campuses where the courses take place.

As well as the main promotional video, we worked on creating shorter, smaller videos that focused on individual students.

These students were shown in their native settings, so to speak, to be used across their social media channels.

Promotional Video Feedback

Tom, our head of video, said on the project

For me personally, working on this project was almost a bit surreal, to be able to go back to the place you studied video production to then work on a video campaign for them. On this project we worked from their current brand of using accents of pink and blue hues to complement the videos overall style. I'm happy with the main video we produced as well as a large assortment of smaller social media edits to fit into the colleges campaign.

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