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Promo Video
Chilling Screams
Our Brief

Chilling Screams is a subscription based mystery thriller game, for the entire family to enjoy at home. Our brief was to create a promo video to showcase a new exciting board game (not explain how it works). The video will serve as an advert which will match the tone and atmosphere of the game and encourage more people to try it out.

Our Video

Without a promo video, a puzzle or board game would rely on still images and word of mouth. It’s just not the same as getting an idea of the tone and excitement of the game through video.

If you think about the amount of adverts for games you saw as a kid (Operation is the one that sticks out for me), then imagine you were a competitor in that market, without any marketing; you can see why you’d struggle.

Chilling Screams is a unique experience and the opportunity to share this experience and stand out in the market cannot be passed by. To bring a taste of this experience into peoples homes through their screens, Chilling Screams came to us for a promo video.

We had a house to film at, with different ‘families’ (inverted commas because they’re actors, not because they’re a broken unit), so we had to move furniture around, change lighting and all sorts of things to make it look like a different house each time. Keep that to yourself though!

A big part of the video was to include a variety of people enjoying the game to demonstrate how it can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Features of the game were also included, like being able to use your phone for clues, the puzzles you need to work out and where the game can be enjoyed.

The main version of the promo video sits on the front page of the Chilling Screams website, but we also exported a shorter version for their social media channels.

We also filmed a piece to camera, where an actor from one of the families talked about what the game is and what you would get as part of your subscription. This sits on the main page of the thriller & horror edition of the game.

Tom, who worked on the Chilling Screams project, said

“This project was a fantastic opportunity for us to film a promo video for a physical game. I enjoyed that our main challenge was that we had to make one house look like different homes which was achieved through set dressing and using a range of actors to represent different groups of people.”

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