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Web Banner Video
FI Real Estate Management
Our Brief

We were asked to produce a short web banner video showcasing some of the locations owned by a property management company!

For this project our client was the organisation FI Real Estate Management - a specialist in the management of assets and property within commercial spaces.

With locations across the UK, FI Real Estate lets, develops, and manages space to nurture business - creating “value through collaboration” at every level in the process.

We were approached by the marketing team at FI Real Estate for the creation of a video a little different to the norm!

This video was to act as a banner on one of the pages on its website - a video played on a loop embedded into a webpage to increase its visual appeal to the visitor.

This banner video was intended to showcase a number of FI Real Estate’s locations across the country - both in terms of their interior and exterior!

Web Banner Video

To tackle this brief, our video production team hit the road - travelling to sites in Coventry, Gloucester, and Swindon to capture the required footage both inside and outside the relevant buildings.

Once this was done, they returned to Stone’s Throw HQ to create a video coming in at just under one minute long which showcased the locations in all their glory.

Starting off with aerial shots of one of the larger properties, we wanted the video to show the grand scale of FI Real Estate’s offerings, followed by the fantastic internal facilities on offer at the sites for commercial enterprises.

We opted to cut in and out of each shot fairly quickly to keep the viewer interested - a particularly important technique considering that our offering had to be created without sound!

Our thanks to the team at FI Real Estate for approaching us with this brief - it’s nice to do something a little different now and again!

The version of our video for this project you can watch above is one with music included!

For more on the company itself, visit its website here

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