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We were approached by an educational organisation for a charity video production all about a new initiative it has launched!

Field Studies Council (FSC) is a registered charity, headquartered in Shropshire, committed to helping people of all ages understand and be inspired by the environment.

To do this, it provides educational opportunities in the great outdoors across its network of learning ‘Centres’ located across the UK.

One such opportunity offered by FSC is the “Real Family Holidays” initiative – a scheme designed to get families away from the pressures of modern life and into the countryside for a holiday with a difference.

Real Family Holidays

We were approached by the team at FSC for the creation of a charity video production, designed to promote the initiative itself and the theme of creating memories with loved ones.

To tackle this brief, we travelled to the Dale Fort Field Centre – an FSC location sited in the town of Haverfordwest in Wales – for a spot of filming with a chosen family.

Our filming captured the family taking part in educational experiences at the location – such as moth trapping and rock pooling – before we headed back to our headquarters to edit this footage into an evocative and powerful video which you can watch above.


Our creation was greeted with a positive reaction by our client, with Mel Cousins from FSC stating that our video was “great content for our website and social media pages…it has already increased engagement on our Real Family Holidays Facebook page”.

Enjoyed our charity video production, and think your organisation could do with one of its own?

If so, we know that we can help!

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