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Corporate Video Production
Glassworks Hounsell
Our Brief

A company that prides itself on its “precision engineering for the glass industry” was our client for a corporate video production all about its facilities!

Based in Halesowen in the heart of the West Midlands, Glassworks Hounsell Ltd is a manufacturing company that specialises in making products and equipment for the glass industry, though it also has a presence in the automotive and aerospace industries amongst others.

Due to the company’s line of business and its commitment to high-quality offerings, the facilities at Glasswork Hounsell’s site are outstanding – which is why they approached us to ask if we could showcase them with a video!

Our Video

To tackle this brief, we decided that a short “video tour” of the company’s 40,000 sq ft site was the right way to go – a fast-paced snapshot of the company’s employees at work across the location.

To do this, we packed up our equipment – including our drone for some aerial videography – and took it to the Glassworks Hounsell site in Halesowen for a day of filming.

Once our footage was captured and edited, we added on-screen text to it – highlighting aspects such as the company’s equipment, professional standards, offerings, and core values.

Finally, we added some up tempo background music, to create the two minute corporate video production you can watch above!

It was great to work with Glassworks Hounsell on this video, and we’d like to thank them for the project and for the team’s hospitality on the day!

For more on the company and what it can offer, visit its website.

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