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Our Brief

To update and re-film elements of existing training videos to live on an E-learning module for new entrants into the company. The videos will show an Urban Core pub and highlights the values of Greene King.

Greene King is the country’s leading pub company and brewer, running over 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels in towns, villages and city-centre high streets across England, Wales and Scotland.

One of Greene King’s brands is the Premium & Urban pub. Our role was to create and update videos to show to new employees in these pubs and teach them about the values of Greene King when starting work there.

Our Video

Greene King had a slightly outdated collection of training videos that they would show to their new employees in Premium & Urban Pubs. The problem with not keeping this information up to date is that the business ideas and methods for running the pubs can change quite regularly. It can also be a time consuming task to individually train each new employee, so the e-learning portal and videos allows for them to do it without consuming too much resource.

Creating and updating training videos takes time, which oftentimes staff struggle to find in busy city centre pubs.

The impact of staff and businesses not constantly adapting, especially in industries like hospitality, is that you can fall behind in an ever changing environment. Pubs need to stay fresh, because who wants to go out somewhere boring with unfriendly staff?

The opportunity lost in the instance of staff training is time. If existing staff are having to train new employees on the job, it is time consuming and creates a sense of pressure; an environment in which new staff won’t be able to learn and absorb the business ethos.

There were a number of features to include in the training videos, such as the cask ale selection, unique architectural features and a wide selection of drinks.

There were also less tangible features, like the warm welcome everyone receives, the good times that people can have and the knowledge staff members have about the drink selection.

We filmed at the Malt House Pub in Brindley Place (great pub by the way, still yet to respond to our free drinks forever request though) over a day with a couple of actors to deliver the message as clearly as possible.

Tom, our head of video, said on the project

"For this video we combined the use of an on-camera presenter and being in the actual location. The challenge was to ensure the presenter got across all the correct information and we made full use of the setting. We had a tight schedule of filming in place to ensure that filming was complete before the pub opened for customers. It was a very successful morning of filming that the customer was very happy with, which we even got to finish with a classic Greene King pub lunch."

Do you need any training videos for your organisation? Maybe you have a lot of information you need to get across in a simple way. Whatever your needs are, we will be happy to help you. Why not get in touch today through our contact page?

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