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We joined forces with a wedding services company based in the West Midlands for a marketing video with a difference!

Over recent years, technology has been the driver of innovation across a variety of sectors and industries – a digital revolution which has now reached the field of wedding preparation too.

One such company in this field who are using innovation to their advantage are Interactive Wedding Invitations (IWI), based in Walsall.

IWI are changing the face of wedding invitations by using augmented reality – a phenomenon which is making its mark across the world, particularly on mobile applications.

By using augmented reality, IWI are bringing a new dimension to the humble wedding invitation, making them “invitations that come to life!”

By creating a digital invitation through IWI, couples are able to provide everything their guests need to know – all in a visual and modern way that certainly makes an eye-catching first impression.

By incorporating:

  • A personalised video
  • A photo gallery
  • Background music of choice
  • RSVP Function
  • Wedding location (using Google Maps)
  • Gift list
  • Menu options

and more, IWI’s invitations are certainly not lacking in detail either!

IWI contacted us regarding the creation of a marketing video, designed to showcase the impressive facets of their digital invitations, and how simple it is for a couple’s guests to access and navigate them.

For our video – which you can see above – we employed the use of two actors and a filming location to demonstrate the process an invited guest will go through with the digital invitation when it arrives on their doormat.

By following this narrative, the audience can see how the invitation is presented, how it works, and how to access all of the information stored within it.

All that and a rather jaunty bit of background music too!

Alongside our marketing video, we also took time to create a “behind the scenes” video of this project, which you can enjoy below.

For more on IWI, visit their website at www.interactiveweddinginvitaions.co.uk

If you’re looking for a marketing video for your own business, we’re sure we can help.

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