Video Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough
JD Gyms
Our Brief

We teamed up with an award winning gym chain for a video walkthrough of its new Wolverhampton branch!

Part of the JD Sports Fashion Plc group, JD Gyms offers state-of-the-art health and wellbeing facilities to its customers in cities across the UK – facilities which have earnt the chain accolades such as the ‘UK’s Best Budget Gym Award’ for both 2015-16 and 2016-17 since its formation.

One such site is Stafford Street in Wolverhampton, where the chain launched a £2m gym in early 2018.

To assist in raising the profile of its new branch, we were approached by the chain for the creation of a video showcasing it in all its glory!

Video Walkthrough

To tackle this brief, we decided that a video walkthrough of the gym was the right way to go – a short, energetic video showcasing its facilities across two storeys.

To do this, our filming team took the short journey from our base to the gym to capture the required footage, before returning to edit it into the video which you can watch above.

Since being posted online, our video has received a fantastic amount of interest – being viewed on the ‘JD Gyms – Wolverhampton’ Facebook page over 294,000 times and shared over 450 times at the time of writing.


Our video was also greeted with a positive reception from JD Gyms Marketing Manager Sarah de Waard, who said that the video “has led to an increase in engagement, video views and members”.

Enjoyed our video walkthrough, and think one of your own is just the thing to showcase some facilities or equipment of your own?

If so, we know that we can help!

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