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Our Brief

We joined forces with a specialist programme delivered by Keele University for a series of video testimonials highlighting its services!

Founded in 1949 as the University College of North Staffordshire, today Keele University is the largest campus university in the UK and an institution that provides higher education courses to an estimated 10,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate).

Alongside the courses it offers to its students, the University also places an emphasis on running initiatives for the benefit of the local business community.

One such initiative is the ERDF funded KRISP – the Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme – which has been designed to support businesses that are thinking about, or are currently in the process of, developing a new product, process, or service.

Our Video

When the team at KRISP decided that they wanted to promote the initiative’s good work to an external audience they knew that we would be on hand to help them out!

For this project we teamed up with the KRISP team to create a series of six videos featuring businesses which have benefitted from the initiative in the past.

A selection from our series can be seen above and below. In this selection, we hear from Kelly Jones from Kelly Tanks Ltd and Martin Bose from Flatvision Products Ltd. as they in turn explain how the KRISP initiative has helped them and their businesses and how valuable its support has been.

We believe that this series of video testimonials was the perfect way to show clearly and concisely the tangible difference KRISP has made to these organisations – and we hope you do too!

Our thanks to the team at KRISP for working with us on this project! Find out more about the initiative here.

Like our video testimonials for this project, and think an initiative you’re involved with could do with some of its own to showcase what it can offer to local SMEs?

If so, we know we can help!

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