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We joined forces with an award-winning support programme for young learners for a series of educational videos all about our local area!


Based in the heart of Wolverhampton, Learning Technologies is an initiative which works with teachers and students across the Black Country region to maximise the potential of technology within the classroom – helping schools achieve their eLearning goals in the process.

By working with the Learning Technologies team teachers can embed technology into their lessons, support parents in becoming more engaged with technology, and increase their understanding of e-Safety issues which may affect their students.

In 2018 the commitment of the Learning Technologies team to utilising the digital world for the benefit of teachers was again on display with the creation of an interactive set of challenges based on the Wolverhampton region.

When the team realised that they needed a series of videos to accompany these challenges, they turned to us for assistance!


Hosted on the ‘Muuvit’ platform (an online portal for children and teachers to access activities on), the challenges created by the Learning Technologies team were based on the following 10 locations:

For each of these locations we created a series of educational videos designed to be embedded onto the portal and accompany the challenges – a selection of which you can watch above and below.

Equipped with background music and a professional voice-over, we think our videos were just the things to get students engaged and enthusiastic about learning all about the wonderful locations in our local area!


Do you think an initiative or programme your organisation is running for young learners could do with the accompaniment of some educational videos?

If so, we know we can help, so why don’t you drop us a line today either below or via our Contact page?

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