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Conference Event Video

We travelled down to our nation’s capital for an event video of a conference hosted by a national blood cancer charity.

Leukaemia CARE are an organisation which specialises in supporting anyone affected by blood cancer – whether it be the patient themselves or their immediate family and friends.

Based in Worcester, the charity is dedicated to ensuring that anyone affected by the illness receives the right information, advice and support, offering…

  • Support groups
  • Magazines
  • Conferences
  • One-to-one buddy support
  • Downloadable information

…as part of their service.

Leukaemia CARE descended on London for the 2016 instalment of their ‘Patient and Carer Conference’, and invited us to join them for the creation of an event video to mark the day.

The conferences are held to give patients and carers the opportunity to ask questions about blood cancer to medical professionals, and to listen to eminent professional speakers deliver talks.

The conferences are held in various locations around the UK and on a regular basis.

Our brief for this project was to produce a three-minute video for the charity, paying particular attention to:

  • The introduction from the organiser of the event
  • The goings on of the conference itself
  • The reaction of participants after the event through one-to-one interviews

As you can see in our effort above, we tackled all of these things and more in an event video we are very proud of.

We were honoured to be invited to the conference by Leukaemia CARE, and want to thank them for the opportunity!

For more information about the fantastic service Leukaemia CARE provide, visit their website at: http://www.leukaemiacare.org.uk/

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