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Virtual Staff Awards Live Streaming
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We recently had the pleasure of a live streaming event for the 2020 staff awards for the University of Wolverhampton.The staff awards is an annual event where staff members at the university nominate other members of their team for an award as a way of recognising the hard work that they do.

The post COVID-19 world and restrictions in place meant it wasn’t possible for the event to happen in the flesh, so the university came to us for inspiration on what we could do to make sure the event happened but virtually, utilising live streaming video technology.

Our Video

We’re big advocates for live streaming events where possible and so we were delighted to help the university. We used the Arena Theatre as our venue and started proceedings off with a recce to formulate a solid plan around how the cameras, lectern and screens would be laid out.

Once the location was sorted we started to plan out the event in greater detail. A floor plan was put together of where we would need the presenter and video team to be placed and where the equipment would be set up. A set design followed which involved lighting the stage, positioning the lectern & creating a graphic for the backdrop screen that you see on the video above. A series of pre-recorded nomination videos were then filmed by staff members (and edited by Stone’s Throw Media!) and were slotted in the live broadcast throughout the evening as each award was announced.

With the planning, run throughs and pre-edits complete we descended upon the Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton to set up and make make the event happen for real and live for all to see!

We integrated live feeds from nominees via Zoom calls, directed by the host for the evening, Richard. Through choreographed breaks members, separate pre-recorded videos and holding screens (with lovely music might we add!) were able to appear on screen with the use of our trusted vision mixer.

The event ran for around 90 minutes and while there was the potential for numerous things to go wrong, we’re pleased to report the event went superbly!

We asked our video production manager to sum up his thoughts on the event below-

“I am extremely pleased with how the live-streaming event went and the positivity that it received online, the collaboration between Stone's Throw and Laura and Michelle at the University of Wolverhampton helped to ensure we had all the information we needed to be able to run smoothly on the evening. We put together a full package of support including producing nomination videos, graphic titles, set design and even integrating LIVE zoom calls into the live stream. I look forward to working with the events team again in the future!”

Meanwhile the University’s Events Manager, Michelle, had this to say about the evening-

“It was a pleasure working with you and all your hard work certainly paid off to produce an excellent live-streamed awards event. We were able to reach more staff than ever before as we were not restricted by the size of rooms. Thank you so much!”

It was a great experience to work alongside the University to pull off one of our biggest livestreaming projects to date and we’re really pleased with how the event turned out.

Do you run an event that COVID has interrupted? Or would you like to take your events to the next level with greater engagement and reach? If so we’d love to have a chat about how to we can help. Give us a shout today!

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