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Novus Property Solutions
Our Brief

Novus held a three-day Apprentice Residential event in September and we had to to capture all the learning, development, activities and the commitment to developing young people from a CSR and a training/development angle with a promo video.

Novus held a day for their new apprentices at Mount Cook Adventure Centre in the Peak District. There were a number of team building activities put on for the newest set of apprentices who were beginning their journey at Novus. Over 100 apprentices are employed by Novus, who spend more than £1,000,000 on training apprentices each year.

In 2019, Novus launched the ‘Shield’ initiative, outlining the four key pillars of their business operations;

- We Build A Future

- We Do Business Responsibly

- We Create Great Teams

- We Value our Customers

Apprenticeships are a key part of these pillars and the day was about instilling the values into those new to the organisation.

Novus Property Solutions are an award-winning property maintenance company with a very clear mission: to deliver a safe workforce that provides quality service, commitment and sustainability to communities throughout the UK.

Our Video

The whole team at Stone’s Throw were excited to work on this promo video, because we thought it might mean we get some footage of Mike up on the high ropes. It was disappointing in this sense (wimp), but otherwise it was a great project to work on.

There are a number of problems around apprenticeships across the whole property sector. With a huge demand for labour across trades, Novus sees apprentices as the future of their company. Apprentices often find new places to work once they have completed their apprenticeships, so Novus seeks to keep them engaged and be a career for life.

The impact of this can mean a high turnover rate and recruitment from outside becomes necessary. Novus’ aim is to bring apprentices through the company for their whole career to learn and embody the values.

Without tackling this problem, the opportunity to build on the family philosophy that Novus have created becomes far more difficult and a longer process to instil it into newer employees.

To avoid this problem and exhibit the great offering available to Novus apprentices, we created a promo video by filming the Residential Event they had organised for the 2021 group. We spoke to the CEO of Novus, Steve Davies, who gave his perspective on the importance of nurturing apprentices through their journey and outlined that apprentices are the future of the company.

As part of the promo video, we also interviewed a number of apprentices, who gave their input on why they had started their apprenticeships. There was a range of people there, from career starters through to mature apprentices and those who had changed careers entirely. This element showed that these schemes are far from the stereotyped idea of being only for people straight from school.

John Seddon, the chairman of Novus’ parent company, spoke about how being an apprentice at Novus is an ever changing journey and that every day is different.

Tom said on the project

“Working with the team at Novus was a very smooth process. They provided a thorough brief before we arrived so we knew what we were going into. On the day, the filming went by perfectly, we captured the interviews and then got to see the apprentices taking part in team building activities. The most memorable part of the day, apart from the filming, was being offered not one but two hot meals, which was very much appreciated!”

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