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Our Brief

We joined forces once again with our local University for a promotional video production project that aimed to create a sense of pride and belonging within the University of Wolverhampton alumni community. With five members of our team being graduates of the University it meant that we had the perfect team in place to put together a video that hit all of the right notes.

Our Video

The first step with this video was the planning, we knew that for the video to achieve its aim we had to gather a range of footage that was both relevant and inspiring. That’s why we set about gathering all of the appropriate events and put them in our calendar to make sure we didn’t forget about them. We also had to make sure that the video covered a range of the university campus’ which is why you see footage from City, Walsall and Telford campus'.

Once the planning had been completed it was down to the filming. This was split over the course of several months as the events came and went. Our final piece of filming was at the September graduations and we feel that this footage really aids the video in creating the sense of pride and achievement that we were looking for.

Our video production manager, Tom, had this to say about the video:

We knew at the start of this particular project that we needed to capture a large variety of footage, so at the start of the university year we sat down with the Alumni team and planned out what we would capture. With almost a year in the making we produced a video I would say is full of the community spirit that comes with attending the University of Wolverhampton."

We reached out to our client for their thoughts on how the video went down and they had this to say:

Stone’s Throw Media’s creativity and quality is just excellent. Thanks for our alumni association video, which we use as a web page banner and pinned post on social media. It was just what we were after, eye catching, creative, and it resonates with our alumni community, reflecting their student journey and the diverse community of our alumni. A great job!”

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