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Diversity and Inclusivity Video
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

Redrow approached us to create a recruitment video to show how diverse Redrow is as a business, with employees from a variety of different backgrounds. The project was to help with recruiting and retaining the best people as well as allowing Redrow to externally share their progressive attitude to diversity at work.

Diversity and Inclusivity Video

The idea of the recruitment video was to have five staff members of Redrow speaking directly into the camera to offer their unique perspective on what it means to come from a different background and join a company like Redrow. Each of the five people were interviewed on location answering the question, “What does diversity mean to you?”.

Footage also included cutaways of them at work, showing their working role.

An element we wanted to be sure of was that, in answering the question ‘What does diversity mean to you?’, responses didn’t feel forced, so each person wrote their own answers for this recruitment video. They learned and remembered their lines on the day of filming, meaning they didn’t appear to be reading from a script or an autocue. The final result was that the speeches came across impassioned and honest.

At the end of the recruitment video, a collage was displayed with a number of the Redrow team holding up cards, displayed on which is what diversity means to them. Members of staff filmed for this segment were from all over the United Kingdom, so we had cards and pens sent to everyone remotely. Each employee wrote a short message about what diversity at work means to them and displayed it to the camera.

Recruitment Video Feedback

Sonal Haja said on the project

I really enjoyed working with Stones Throw; planning, starring and putting together the ED&I film. Diversity at work is a topic that I feel passionate towards and so to be able to work on the film as well as be part of it. Mike and Tom were great on all both filming days making the team feel at ease and comfortable too. Fantastic to receive positive on the outcome of the video too

Mike, the lead on this project, had this to say,

The Redrow ED & I project was really exciting to work on. Redrow approached us because they wanted to make sure they created a video that did the message justice. They wanted to show how diverse Redrow are and the range of opportunities across the business, no matter what your background.

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