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St Mary's Community Project
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We were delighted to be given the chance to showcase the hard work of an organisation’s graduates through the creation of a corporate video production!

Every year, as part of its Graduate Scheme, the team at the housing organisation Redrow tasks its latest intake of graduates with the tackling of a project designed for the benefit of a local community.

In the summer of 2019, this project was the transformation of an outdoor area at the St Mary of the Angels Catholic Primary School based in the town of Aldridge in the West Midlands.

For this task the graduates were given a week to rejuvenate an unused and overgrown part of the school’s garden - a mission they had to orchestrate from beginning to end with no budget to play with.

To capture the graduate’s endeavours with this task, Redrow turned to us for our assistance!

Our Video

For this project, we created the short video you can watch above which explains the requirements of the task, showcases the work the graduates carried out, and reveals the thoughts about their endeavours from figures such as Claire O’Hara - the headteacher at the school.

As you can see, our video combines edited footage and interviews with uplifting background music to result in a corporate video production the company utilised both on its web pages and social media platforms.

Both Redrow and ourselves have a commitment to helping to create thriving communities - particularly in the West Midlands region - so to capture this fantastic community work at a school in the area was a particularly pleasing project for us to work together on!

For more on this project, you can read a blog post on it from Redrow graduate Jack Bennion here.

Does your organisation need a corporate video production showcasing the good work of its employees in the community?

If so, you can see that we can help, so why don’t you drop us a line today via our Contact page?

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