Community Video

Wrexham Early Years Centre
Redrow Homes
Our Brief

We teamed up with Redrow Homes to showcase its important work at a special needs school in Wrexham. This community video explored Redrow’s creative endeavours and highlighted the progress of its CSR programme!

In the summer of 2018, we were approached by Redrow Homes to film a community video showcasing the revamping of a play area and garden.

This task was part of its excellent graduate trainee scheme, which here challenged a team comprising both undergraduates and graduates to transform an outdoor space at Wrexham Early Years Centre.

Our task was to capture the construction taking place and explore its impact on the local community!

Our Video

We wanted to represent the charitable work taking place on site, which meant highlighting the dedication of the Redrow team.

This was achieved through a series of personal, enthusiastic interviews, where the sense of community shone through.

These pieces to camera really captured the positive energy and collaborative spirit of the project. In addition, the enthusiasm of both the construction workers and the school staff was a powerful underscore to the busy background shots throughout the video.

To guide the viewer through the construction site, we used a complementary balance of close-up and aerial shots. This was juxtaposed with footage of the graduates conducting building work and painting to showcase how interactive and hands-on the work was.

We were especially pleased at how vibrant and busy the community video appeared.

In addition, the wider shots managed to incorporate multiple people working at once, overlaid with the voiceovers of staff sharing their appreciation of the work taking place on screen.

This achieved our aim of representing how vital community work is, and the key difference Redrow Homes made to the school.

In terms of the narrative, we felt that having the task and budget of the trainees clearly explained added a sense of challenge that drove the video forward.

For more on Redrow’s Graduate scheme, visit its webpage here.

Could your organisation benefit from a community video which captures the valuable work it is doing and its impact on the public?

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