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A school video was the order of the day when we teamed up with a National Lottery funded initiative and a local primary!


Based in the city itself, HeadStart Wolverhampton is a programme which aims to build the emotional resilience and wellbeing of young people across the region aged between 10-16 years old.

As part of the 2017 instalment of the global ‘Safer Internet Day’ initiative, HeadStart Wolverhampton invited a number of the schools in the area to take part in a competition entitled ‘Being the Best Version of Yourself Online’.

The schools were asked to create a storyboard on this theme, with the winning storyboard being turned into a video to be used as a curriculum resource.

Once the winning school was selected, the team at HeadStart Wolverhampton turned to us for assistance in helping the winners turn their fantastic storyboard into a video!


For this project we travelled to the winning school – Trinity C of E Primary in Wolverhampton – for a very special day of filming with the young students there.

Their idea – as you can see in the video above – was to highlight the dangers that can come if a person’s “online” self is different to their “offline” self in a detrimental manner.

To showcase this, we asked the students at the school to enact out situations where their “online” selves behave poorly and embarrass their “offline” selves in front of their classmates and teachers.

By encouraging young people to understand that their “online” personality should be as respectful, responsible, and thoughtful as their “offline” personality, they can be safer online – something of huge benefit to them, their family and their local community.

For more on HeadStart’s competition, visit its webpage here.


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