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Green 4 Motor Company
Our Brief

To increase sales of the Mazda CX-30 and utilise Sky Adsmart TV adverts to reach a local audience

Sky Ad Smart is a service that tailors the TV adverts presented to the user based on the information they have provided to Sky. This can include things such as your postcode or current tv package which means certain adverts will be replaced with more relevant ones to you. For example, if for whatever reason Sky knows that you love Ice Cream (who doesn’t?), you might get TV adverts for local Ice Cream outlets. If Sky knows you hate ice cream (weirdo) then you wouldn’t be shown adverts about it.

Green 4 Motor Company operates three modern and welcoming dealership locations in the region. From their Coventry base they represent both Mazda & Suzuki while in Leamington you will find their dedicated Mazda dealership and exclusive Leamington Used Cars site. They now also have a new Stourbridge showroom where they hold some of the most prestigious Mazda models. They strive to deliver a friendly and professional service for all of their customers, and go beyond expectations to meet automotive needs.

Our Video

Green 4 Motor Company wanted to reach a relevant, local audience through the relatively new Sky ad smart programme. This would allow them to cater their advertising to people in their region who may be in the market for a new car.

As is the way of the modern world, things are constantly adapting and advertising is no exception. To cover all bases and reach as wide, while relevant, an audience as possible. A Sky Adsmart TV advert represented a way to stay in touch with potential customers.

The potential impact of falling behind in your advertising can mean falling behind to your competitors and Green 4 avoided this by staying well ahead of the curve.

Buying a new car is not a small decision, so being able to stay in the minds of those considering it is a huge advantage to the seller. The opportunity lost in this instance is not reaching these potential buyers, which can obviously have a big financial impact on the business. A new car is only new for so long, so it was important to make the most of the window of excitement around it in the tv advert.

Green 4 Motors already had a bank of existing videos and actively use video content across their social media channels. Though it was great to see a company making and using video as part of their marketing strategy (seriously, you should be), we were to create a TV advert from scratch to show off the 2021 Mazda CX-30.

We filmed the interior and exterior of the car at the showroom. Things we included in the internal features of the car included the Bose speakers, start/stop button, the reversing camera and the generously sized boot! We also displayed the buying options and offers on screen.

Mike said on the project

“Filming a nice car is always a treat because the car does most of the hard work for you. A new, clean car will always look great on camera and the CX-30 was no different. We had a few challenges filming inside the car, as carrying our camera kit inside a tight space can be a pain but we made it happen. We knew that this tv advert would be shown on Sky Adsmart so we had to make sure that the specs were correct. When making something for public broadcast, the time in pre and post production increases dramatically, but it is always exciting to face new ways of working in videography so we keep pushing ourselves.”

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