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No matter how many times it happens, there are few things more frustrating than receiving the dreaded “sorry we missed you!” card as you arrive back home.

Thankfully, that experience could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the team at Homescapes Europa and their innovative ‘Smart Parcel Box’.

The ‘Smart Parcel Box’ has been specially designed to provide safe and secure delivery of packages and parcels, which is why we were delighted to create a series of product videos showcasing its usefulness!

Once installed at a customer’s home, the ‘Smart Parcel Box’ can receive multiple deliveries from different couriers throughout the day whilst the home owner is absent.

The box is designed to be used with ease by all ages, and can be used by all well-known courier companies when instructed to do so.

For this project, we collaborated with Homescapes on four videos designed to guide potential customers through the Smart Parcel Box experience.

Our videos focused on:

  • The initial registration of a box by the customer
  • The installation of a box at the customer’s home
  • How to use the box
  • An overview of the box and its capabilities

and were created to emphasise just how easy the whole process of using a Box is!

Alongside the live action shots, our videos were “topped and tailed” by the animated character Kate, who is present in Homescapes’ campaigns and website.

For more on the Box’s functions and capabilities, our overview video is above, and two more of our videos for this project are below.

You can also visit their website at

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