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Elevator Pitch Videos

Elevator pitch videos are a great & cost effective way to let your audience know a bit about you as an individual & what your business does. We produced a series of elevator pitch videos for business start up through the Speed programme in the West Midlands.

Rachel O’Connor – Break-out Performing Arts – Elevator Pitch

Herjinder Kaun – Infinity Tuition Ltd – Elevator Pitch



Jasmine Rowbottom – The Gentle Man – Elevator Pitch



The principle of the SPEED Plus (Student Placements for Entrepreneurs in Education+) project is to give current students and graduates the opportunity develop a business idea in a supportive environment alongside their studies or after graduation.

The project is focused upon the individual’s development and uses business creation as the vehicle for the learning opportunity but experience of previous iterations of SPEED and similar projects has shown this approach to be highly successful in creating new and sustainable businesses and jobs. It is designed to be inclusive and whilst care is taken to ensure that students have a viable proposition initially and the aptitude to develop it further we try not to be too proscriptive. Ideas may be products or services and we do not need to concentrate on either or particular technical areas or sectors as long as the intention is to establish the venture in the West Midlands region. Particular consideration is given to students and graduates for whom self-employment or business activities would appear a difficult choice.

Students receive guidance and access to a variety of internal and external resources to give them the best chance of generating an income from their business and they are coached at each stage of their development. Modest financial support is provided for which they must make a business case and universities add whatever additional provision that may be available internally or locally. Our funding determines what this support may be used to purchase, but staff will advise all these details before individuals joint the project. Many graduates consider continuing with their business after graduation or consider other forms of self employment to widen their choices for a future career.

Through several partnerships some 20 universities have variously engaged with SPEED. SPEED Plus has 5 partners and is open to undergraduates, graduates and alumni of the partners plus other graduates returning to the region or associates of the universities.

To find out more about the Speed Plus project, visit the website by clicking here.

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