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10x Walk Videos
Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership
Our Brief

We were asked to create a collection of walk videos for a popular series of walking routes in the Tame Valley Wetlands area!

The Tame Valley Wetlands Landscape Partnership (TVWLP) was set up by the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust in 2005 with the aim of creating a wetland landscape that was ‘rich in wildlife and accessible to all’.

It is with this accessibility in mind that the organisation has placed an emphasis on highlighting to the general public a series of 10 circular walks within the wetlands area which can be accessed by locals and visitors alike.

To help promote these walks to an external audience, the TVWLP turned to us for a series of videos which focused on each one in turn!

10x Walk Videos

For this brief, we decided that a mix of animation and footage filmed on location was the right way to go.

We knew that for prospective walkers, the length and difficulty of each walk is the most important information they can receive prior to visiting the area, so we decided to introduce each walk with a brief screen showing this information to the viewer.

This screen precedes our animated map for each walk, which highlights the complete circular route to the viewer and the optimal starting/finishing point.

Our videos - which are backed by calming music – then progress to various points of interest along the routes filmed from a first person perspective. Yes, this project certainly got our video production team out and about!

As you can see in a selection of our series above and below, we opted for a mix of walking and aerial shots to show the rich landscape on offer for those looking for walks around the wetlands area.

For more information on each of the circular walks on offer in the region – and links to our videos for all 10 walks - please visit here.

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