University Business Video

University Business Video
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

The University of Wolverhampton came to us looking for a business video to showcase what commercial services they have to offer other potential businesses.

This business video would be different to a traditional video as it required no filming, but instead making use of existing materials that we either already have or from the university themselves.

Our Video

The university provided us with a list of short key phrases and statistics to be used in the business video they wanted. These phrases included areas around, working with the industry, building partnerships and supporting start-up businesses. We used this information to put together a list of visuals that would help to illustrate these key points. For example we used footage of students working within businesses, apprentices on site and new areas of investment.

Once we had a list of visuals we put together a storyboard showing the text, graphics and images that would appear on screen for the customer to approve.

We sourced images from the universities extensive database and used footage we had filmed from various course content and case studies.

Our team made sure to use consistent branding when creating the graphics for this business video. We followed the university’s branding guidelines, which included using their colours, fonts and logos. This would allow the video we create to compliment their marketing campaign.

Jamie, our head of animation had this say:

The main priority for me was not to just make a plain slideshow, instead using graphics, big text, plenty of colour and a good mix of photos and videos to give this business video some visual identity and hold the interest of the viewers, whilst still getting the important message across.

The university has made great use of this business video across multiple campaigns, websites and exhibitions helping them to spread the word further about their commercial offering.

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