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We teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton for a plethora of talking head videos for one of its most popular evenings!

The 2016 instalment of the annual Vice Chancellor’s Awards for Staff Excellence took place in June, and was the biggest and best evening of its kind to date, with winners being announced in eight separate categories.

One of the highlights of the University’s calendar, the Awards provide the chance for senior management to celebrate the hard work of its staff from all departments, Faculties and campuses with a dinner held in the Chancellor’s Hall located on the City Campus.

Prizes handed out on the evening include the ‘Innovation of the Year’ award, ‘Unsung Hero’ award, and the ‘Inspirational Lecturers of the Year’ award.

To prepare for the gala evening, the University got in touch with us to ask if we could create a series of talking head videos for the occasion, containing testimonies from those staff members who had nominated one of/a group of their colleagues for an award.

For this project we created 18 videos for the University – a sample of which you can see above and below.

Our videos focused on who was nominating their colleagues, who was being nominated and why, and were topped and tailed with some rather funky music – if we may say so ourselves!

We would like to congratulate every staff member of the University nominated for an award on the night, and hope the 2017 instalment is every bit as successful as its predecessor!

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