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When our friends at the University of Wolverhampton decided that they’d like to commemorate their 2015 in a video, we knew we could help!

2015 was another fantastic year for the University, which continues to make great strides in broadening its reach both at home and overseas.

As such, it was decided that a video highlighting all of its achievements, success stories and initiatives over the past twelve months was not only a good idea, but could form an important part of the University’s video marketing campaign too.

With an emphasis on the business, social, and academic aspects of the University, our video was designed to highlight why the University of Wolverhampton is the right choice for prospective students looking to further their studies.

The video – which you can see above – crammed in a lot of details about the University’s year in a little over three minutes. After all, there was a lot to say!

A few notable examples from our video, however, include:

  • The University’s plans to transform the vacant Springfield Brewery in Wolverhampton
  • The opening of the University’s state-of-the-art Business School
  • The role of the University’s researchers in leading commemorations of the First World War centenary
  • The University being the home of British Judo

As well as being informative, we also wanted our video to be visually stimulating too, so we utilised still images, video clips, and motion graphics to give our effort a less formal touch.

As always it was fantastic to work with the University of Wolverhampton – particularly on a project such as this one where we could assist them in celebrating their fantastic year.

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