Campus Tour Video

Campus Tour Video
University of Wolverhampton
Our Brief

We were commissioned to produce a short campus tour video as part of our ongoing work with the University of Wolverhampton!

The team at the University approached us for the creation of a video which would showcase the impressive facilities the institution can offer students across its campuses.

A large number of these facilities have been put into place thanks to recent investment into the University in the form of a £250m “investment generation plan” designed to make “a visible difference” to its students.

This investment was put into the refurbishment of existing buildings as well as the creation of new ones - all of which we were thrilled to showcase in this campus tour video!

Campus Tour Video

With so much to include in a 90 second video designed to provide a tour of each of the University’s campuses, it was important that our video for this project was short, sharp, and snappy.

To achieve this aim, we decided that our video would feature quick-fire transitions - in line with the beat of the background music - with each shot of a building or activity only staying on the screen for a second or two.

This approach would ensure that the audience would remain engaged with the video throughout its duration and find it visually appealing.

For this project we visited each of the University’s campuses in turn to film both their interiors and exteriors.

This footage was then accompanied with a simple text overlay which included key statistics and important information which the team at the University wanted including in the video - such as its proximity to London and Birmingham.

Our thanks to the team at the University for working with us on this project.

For more information on the University and its campuses - and to watch our video again(!) - visit its About Us page here.

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