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Our Brief

We teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton for a video promotion all about a programme it offers for children across the region!

Ever since their formation, universities across the country have sought to expand what they can offer beyond solely being higher education providers for college leavers.

Today the University of Wolverhampton is no different in this respect, which is why it is the proud co-ordinator of the Black Country Children’s University initiative - a regional branch of a national programme which aims to promote social mobility for young people.

The programme does this through the provision of exciting and innovative out of-school-hours learning activities to children aged 7-14 years of age (as well as 5 and 6 year olds with their families) across a number of different locations.

To help the team at the University showcase the wide variety of activities on offer for students through the initiative, we created the video promotion which you can watch above!

Our Video

Some projects we take on have more logistics than others, and this was certainly one which took a bit of planning!

For our video for this project, we worked alongside a number of schools across the Midlands region which participate in the Children’s University initiative - such as The Royal School Wolverhampton and Reaside Academy in Birmingham amongst others.

At these schools we filmed the students taking part in a wide range of Children’s University clubs – showcasing how the initiative has something for everyone in the process.

Once we had filmed a number of these activities, our editing team took the footage and created a montage with – if we may say so ourselves – a rather impressive flow to it!

Finally, we added an engaging piece of music to our video, and enlisted the help of local student Kenya Gibbs for a powerful opening.

For more on the Black Country Children’s University initiative – and the schools which currently participate in it – visit its dedicated webpage on the University’s website here.

We’d like to thank each and every school that worked with us on this video – we couldn’t have done it without them! – and also thank Kenya for her fantastic efforts in front of our cameras.

Like our video promotion for this programme, and think your organisation could do with one of its own to showcase what it can offer the local community?

If so, we know we can help!

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