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Our Brief

We teamed up with a sports psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton for a research video all about his work in the area of fatigue!

Based at the University’s Faculty of Education, Health & Wellbeing, Professor Andy Lane is a nationally renowned Professor of Sports Psychology with a track record of working with elite athletes to get them in the mind-set for success.

Accredited from the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) for his research, Professor Lane specialises in the area of athletes using psychological techniques to manage stress during physical exertion.

When Professor Lane wanted a video showcasing his innovative research into how athletes can cope with fatigue, he knew he could turn to us for help!

Our Video

For this brief, we wanted to showcase the Professor’s research as visually as impossible, which is why his thoughts to camera are interspersed with footage of athletes honing their craft in both one of the University’s laboratories and on one of its outdoor running tracks.

Our video – which you can watch above – enables Professor Lane to explain to the viewer about his research into the area of fatigue, before then providing psychological tips for athletes – tips such as “keeping a smooth rhythm” and “run tall with hips kept high”.

We hope you enjoy watching our research video, and that any budding athletes find it useful for their sporting careers in the years ahead. We might even use it to revive our own running careers!

For more on Professor Andy Lane, and his research, visit here

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