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Teacher Training and School Direct promotional videos

We joined forces with the University of Wolverhampton’s Institute of Education for a pair of promotional videos highlighting two facets of its work.

The Institute, housed within the University’s Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, is one of Britain’s largest and most established providers of teacher education, boasting over 50 courses on offer for its students.

It works with around 275 primary schools and 200 secondary schools from across the entire West Midlands region, and offers nationally-recognised courses for future and current education professionals.

Two aspects of the expertise offered by the Institute include:

  • Teacher Training Courses
  • An association with the Government’s ‘School Direct’ initiative

and it is these aspects which our promotional videos focused on.

Our first video for this project centred around the teacher training courses offered by the University, and the benefits they can bring for students.

These benefits include the numerous partnerships the University is engaged in with schools across the Midlands – allowing students to add to their theoretical learning with experiences gained through placements – and the high employability rate the Institute offers for the students passing through its doors.

Every teacher training course offered by the University is also led by a former teacher – ensuring that the knowledge shared with students is grounded in real-life experience.

Our second video for this project focused on the ‘School Direct’ initiative.

‘School Direct’ is a Government scheme where a group of schools work in partnership with a university to provide a teacher training programme based upon the skills required for a newly qualified teacher.

The initiative is school-led, and is a popular choice for young educators looking to secure a role in the network of schools where they are trained.

For this video, we interviewed Josh Sutton – a student at the University aiming to follow a career in teaching – about his experience of the scheme and its benefits.

Both of our promotional videos for this project can be viewed above.

For more on the University’s Institute of Education, visit https://www.wlv.ac.uk/about-us/our-schools-and-institutes/faculty-of-education-health-and-wellbeing/institute-of-education/

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