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We were approached by the University of Wolverhampton for a university video highlighting the positives of studying psychology at the institution!


Psychology is one of the most popular subjects at the University of Wolverhampton – with the facilities on hand at the institution’s disposal making it a leader in the subject.

According to the National Student Survey (NSS), in 2016 a fantastic 97% of psychology students at the University were satisfied with the course they were on, with an incredible 95% finding work or enrolling in further studies within six months of graduation.

To promote its psychology courses to an external audience, we were contacted by the team at the University’s Institute of Sport and Human Science to create a video which highlighted the benefits of studying the subject in the city!


In order to showcase the University’s facilities, we spent a couple of days on site where we conducted interviews with students, graduates, and staff members.

One of the interviews we conducted was with psychology course tutor Caroline Wesson, who was able to describe in depth the social psychology suite and its facilities.

As you can see in our video above, Caroline mentions the two-way mirror for observing and filming students during sessions – a facility which allows students to conduct an unobtrusive additional level of research without others knowing that they’re there.

Alongside interviewing Caroline, for this video we felt it was important to speak to graduates with subsequent jobs, to showcase to prospective students that their hard work will be worthwhile!

Our two minute video gives a brief snapshot into life as a psychology student at the University, and we’d like to extend our thanks to the team for allowing us to conduct the interviews on site and for working with us on this project.

For more information on the range of psychology courses the University offers, please click here.


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