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Science Centre Fly Through Video
University of Wolverhampton Science Park
Our Brief

We teamed up with our very own business accommodation provider for a fly through video showcasing its newest building!

The University of Wolverhampton Science Park began life in 1993, after the University joined forces with Wolverhampton City Council to build a home for new companies in technological industries on a location just outside the city’s centre.

Today around 100 businesses – including us here at Stone’s Throw Media – are located on the site, with these companies reflecting the Park’s principles of embracing innovation, creativity, and development.

We were approached by the team at the Science Park regarding the creation of a very special video for them – a visually stunning showcase of their £10m three-storey Science Centre building!

Our Video

Opened in 2017, the Science Centre is a unique combination of laboratories, workshops, and office space for science and technology-based companies in the area.

The Centre is (at the time of writing) the only facility of its type in the Black Country, and allows businesses to access support channels elsewhere on the Park such as the Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre and the Black Country Growth Hub.

To showcase the Centre in all its glory, we created the two minute fly through video which you can watch above.

Our video shows off the outside of the building, its inside facilities and office space, and its immediate surrounding area thanks to some shots taken using our aerial videography skills!

Set to some upbeat music, this video was intended to be a visually stimulating yet revealing effort – and we think this one hits both of those targets!

For more on the Science Centre, visit its website here.

Like our fly through video, and think you could do with one of your own to showcase the accommodation you can provide for businesses in your area?

If so, we’re absolutely positive that we can help!

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